Discipleship is the heartbeat and priority
of every New Testament believer.

Has anyone ever asked you why you believe what you profess to believe? Have you ever been stumped?
Discipleship helps you build a Biblical foundation for your lifestyle of faith. We’ve created this program through the New Testament model of Jesus and his personal investment in the lives of his 12 Disciples. If you sign up to be discipled, we have someone take you through the Bible, one-on-one, in 16 basic, fundamental topics of the Christian life.

We have four primary goals for your discipleship experience.


1. Establish you in worship. 

Life on earth wasn’t designed to be lived alone. Just as Christ lived life alongside his Disciples, your Discipler will walk alongside you and introduce you to the sweetness found in the fellowship of like-minded believers. 


2. Establish you in the word of God. 
God’s Word is your direct connection to our Lord & Savior who desires to have a personal relationship with you. Your Discipler will help you navigate through God’s Word and share tips on how to develop your walk with Christ.
3. Establish you in the fellowship and structure of the church. 
We’re not just talking church attendance. We are passionate about helping you plug in to our church by becoming a member and investing your time and talents in a ministry that is in line with your interests and spiritual gifts. 
4. Establish you in the ministry with us. 
Christ didn’t save us to plod on in mediocrity. Throughout the Discipleship process, you’ll be encouraged to find and develop your God-given gifts so you can begin impacting your sphere of influence as an ambassador for Christ.

We have 16 lessons in your discipleship experience.

While there are 16 lessons, discipleship almost always takes more than 16 weeks. This is your chance to ask questions and process life Biblically with someone dedicated to  walking through it with you.
Each lesson gives you a Biblical references to build a solid understanding of what the Bible says on each topic plus ways each topic affects your personal relationship and walk with Christ.
Lesson 1 – Salvation
Lesson 2 – Eternal Security
Lesson 3 – Baptism
Lesson 4 – The Holy Spirit?
Lesson 5 – The Word of God?
Lesson 6 – Prayer
Lesson 7 – The Will of God
Lesson 8 – The Local Church?
Lesson 9 – Other Christians
Lesson 10 – Giving
Lesson 11 – Money and Possessions
Lesson 12 – Dealing with Sin
Lesson 13 – Liberty in Christ
Lesson 14 – My Job & Employer
Lesson 15 – The Lost World
Lesson 16 – Judgment Seat of Christ
Want to learn more? Introduction to Discipleship is every 4th Sunday at 10:30 and 12:30 in the Conference Room.
or stop by the Welcome Desk between services on Sunday mornings.


The word “disciple” means learner.

In Christianity, someone who is “being discipled”

is learning about the Lord.
Have questions, e-mail Brent.
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If you’ve already completed Discipleship 1, consider joining us for Discipleship 2 or sign up to lead someone through Discipleship.