We’re so excited to serve alongside you here at Harvest!

FAQs ::

I’m new to Harvest. What do I need to do to serve?

– From the moment you choose to make Harvest your home, you are welcome to serve. It’s our hope that you’ll find a place to use your talents and gifts to honor God. All you need to do is sign up here.

Do I need to be enrolled in Discipleship before serving?

– Great question. No, you do not have to complete discipleship.
While we hope you’ll see the importance of building a foundation for your faith through discipleship, we are passionate that nothing stands in the way of you serving the Lord through our church.
However, in order to teach, preach or lead at Harvest, it is important to complete Discipleship to ensure you understand being a follower of Jesus and learn more about the structure of our church.

What areas can I serve?

– There are many opportunities to serve. From building a handicap ramp for a community member to serving in our nursery, everyone has the opportunity to be used by God here at Harvest.