David & Hanzi Thompson – Chile

Ministering in Chile since 2005, the Thompsons are focused on church planting and teaching sound doctrine in Algarrobo on Chile’s coast.

 David Thompson’s Testimony

I was born in the US, but before I could even walk, talk, or simply sit up, my parents moved our family to Honduras to begin their service as church-planting missionaries. Growing up, I had the opportunity to learn two languages and experience two cultures, and be exposed to a lot of preaching and teaching of God’s Word. When I turned five, I became aware of my need of forgiveness for my sins and trusted Jesus as my Savior. Throughout my early childhood years on the foreign mission field, I had the opportunity to observe how the Lord transformed many lives through the power of the Gospel, as new believers began to apply the Biblical principles they had learned to their daily practices. Seeing God’s Word in action in the lives of hundreds of people made a lasting impression on my life even at a young age.

When I was thirteen, my dad was diagnosed with skin cancer and was told he needed to move to a country where the sun was not as intense. As a result, our whole family (by then, the seven of us) moved to Chile to continue in church-planting. One summer at a youth camp in Chile, I met a national pastor’s daughter who made quite an impression on my life. Though we lived in separate cities, we developed a very special friendship with one another.

After graduating from home-school at the age of seventeen, I returned to the US, still uncertain as to what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. At first I had not planned on going back to the mission field as a missionary – I couldn’t see myself getting up in front of people and preaching or teaching. I thought instead of living out my childhood dream of becoming a pilot or perhaps trying to become a successful businessman so I could support other missionaries myself. But the Lord began to burden my heart for missions and before long I could think of doing nothing else. I told the Lord, “God, I’m not much, but if you can use me, here I am.” I surrendered my life for the Lord’s service and enrolled at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO, where I received my formal theological education.


During most of my time in college the communication lines between me and my Chilean friend, Hanzi, were interrupted. But one day she called and when she told me that she would go wherever the Lord led – nobody had to tell me that was my cue… I didn’t waste any time! I returned to Chile and had the privilege of being united to her in marriage by both my dad and Hanzi’s dad. Six days later, we were in Honduras doing our missions internship. After year and a-half, Hanzi and I were blessed with our first little girl, Katelyn; and four years later, with our second, Emma.