Paul & Nidia Clark, Colombia

"Today there are thousands of baptized believers throughout Colombia who have been discipled..."

Paul was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma where his father pastored one of the most mission-minded churches in the U.S. at that time. God touched Paul’s heart for ministry at 18, which motivated him to attend bible college after graduating high school. It was there that he met his late wife, JoAnne, who also had a call to ministry. While ministering to youth in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Paul took them on mission trips to El Salvador, Guatemala and Colombia. In 1977 the Lord called his family to Colombia as missionaries.

God gave Paul the vision, “Colombia for Christ” which speaks of establishing a model church in each of the 32 capital cities with the intention of evangelizing the entire country and forming a missionary base to get to the nations. The first church was established in Bogotá and after 10 years was turned over to national leadership. That church then became a mother church giving birth to over 30 daughter works planted throughout the country.

Today there are thousand’s of baptized believers throughout Colombia who have been discipled and equipped to participate in “Colombia for Christ”. The Lord is now taking this work to other nations: so far, Venezuela and Spain.

Paul and his wife, Nidia – a native of Colombia – consider themselves very privileged to have participated in one of the most amazing missionary works that God has done in the world. They praise Him for doing the supernatural in a country that has been ridden with violence and corruption! Colombia is now becoming a sending headquarters for world missions. To Him be the glory!

Clark Family smiling together