Naim & Elvira Khoury, Palestine

"Pray for all our members who, even as you read these words, are paying dearly for their presence here in Bethlehem."

Holy Land Missions was founded in 1979 by the Khoury family. Their inspiration for starting the organization can be traced back to the time they spent growing up in Jerusalem and Bethlehem among the suffering Arab Christian communities during times of poverty and war.​

Today, Holy Land Missions supports the largest evangelical Arab ministries as they follow their calling to serve others in the Holy Land. We are proud that we work through churches, government agencies and other organizations to provide help and hope to those who are impoverished and hurting. Holy Land Missions is equipping those standing on the front lines, who represent Christ’s love and forgiveness to a hurting nation.

In 1980, Naim and Elvira Khoury also founded First Baptist Church in Bethlehem with, now, four campuses in the area, including Jerusalem and Jericho. Over the years, they have seen thousands of people come to know the Lord Jesus Christ through visitation, witnessing, church services, sermon broadcasts, community events and more.

Many who have come to Christ have found it difficult to continue living close enough to remain active in local ministries. For reasons related to safety and income, a great number have found it necessary to move elsewhere. We thank God for all who remain faithful to Him, whether far away or near. The price for living here is high. Very high. Pray for all our members who even as you read these words are paying dearly for their presence here in Bethlehem. In spite of the price, or perhaps in part because of it, their light as witnesses to Jesus the Son is radiant.

Naim & Elvira’s prayer team is sponsored by The ROCK Ministry