Mission Trip Opportunities

Are you ready to GO?

“Come and see” is a phrase in the Bible that I didn’t truly understand until I WENT. As a young disciple, I made my first trip to the field not knowing the eternal impact it would have on my walk with and service to the Lord.

I am now able to better understand what Mr. Spurgeon meant when he said “…every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter”. God has instructed each one of us to own our part of the great commission. 

I invite you to join us as we “GO!”

You do not need to worry about your ability, God is only looking for your availability. Our Mission Central Team will be sure you are equipped with all the necessary training and tools to make each trip work for your good and God’s glory. 

Will you “Come and See” what God is doing with our missionaries
around the globe? Sign up today for one of our upcoming trips.

Be Faithful,

Tom Brockmeyer

Missions Pastor

Judea & Samaria

Within Our Nation

Stockton, KS

Cost: tbd

July 26-29, 2023


> Help host an evening VBS for the local community at Pastor Bob Matthews’ church

> Approx. 5 hours away in north-central Kansas (overnight lodging necessary)

Baltimore skyline with ship in harbor

Boston, MA

Cost: tbd

Fall 2023

The Uttermost

Across the Globe



$1300 Deposit Due 2/26
NEXT MTG :: Mar 7 @ 7pm

> School Visit + Assembly
> Small Group Bible Studies
> Church Visits in Surrounding Areas
> Pastors/Leaders Conference

May 9-19, 2023

hand pointing at central america on map

El Salvador


NEXT MTG :: April 25 @ 7pm

> Sports Clinic
> Medical Clinic Outreach

Men, women & families welcome

July 11-17, 2023

children praying in dominican republic



INFO MTG :: Jun 20 @ 7pm

> VBS in Local Communities
> Sports Clinic
> Sugar Cane Village Outreach
> Recovery Ministry

Adults/students ages 16+ welcome

 November 21-27, 2023



INFO MTG :: Nov 14 @ 7pm

> Large Adult/Student Summer Camp
> Bible Studies
> Outreach

Men, women & families welcome

March 26-April 1, 2024

hungarian skyline at sunset



> Medical Clinic
> Marriage Conference + VBS
> Bible Studies
> Immersion/Excursion Day

Summer 2024


Email our missions team, we’d love to hear from you!

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