Margarito Bolon – Belize & Guatemala

In the last 33 years there have been approximately 5,600 Maya and Kekchi Indians saved.  Thirty-one churches have been established in Belize and on the border of Guatemala pastored by national pastors.  We have a school where we train 50-60 national pastors in soul winning, discipleship, leadership, fundamentals of the faith, revival and the functions of the church.  Maya Missions is also a missions board established out of our local church and chartered with the State of Mississippi, the U.S. government and the Belize government.We pastor a good, spiritual church of approximately 110 people in the jungle of Belize.  Margarito not only pastors but is also a revival preacher among the Maya and Kekchi Indians in the mountains and in the deep bush.  He is the coordinator of the “Kekchi School” due to the language where we train the nationals.  He is married and has nine children. 
All of Margarito’s support and communication comes through Maya Missions and is hand deliver it to him.  Margarito gets every penny that is sent to him from every church.  Not one penny stops at the mission board.  Maya Missions sends out a newsletter for accountability purposes to every church after each school, which is about every 3 months.