Timothy Training Initiative (India/Nepal)

"Until recently [the Maithili people] were not only unreached, but also unengaged."

The Maithili Alliance, a ministry of the Timothy Training Initiative (TTI), is a group of American churches that have partnered together to reach the Maithili People with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Maithili are an unreached language group of over
34 million people who live In extreme northern India and southern Nepal. Until recently they were not only unreached, but also unengaged.
In 2012 the Maithili Alliance formed a relationship with the TTI to train nationals as church planters. Since that time, 4,005 church planters have completed training and presently another 1,000 are being trained. These men and ladies have planted 5,012 house churches since 2012!

The Maithili Alliance’s prayer team is sponsored by the College & Young Adult Ministry