Serving the gospel to a dying world.

Matthew 28:18 is a clarion call for the age in which we live.
“GO,” Jesus said, “and teach all nations…teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” And that is what Harvest Missions has been doing faithfully now these many years. Planting churches and making disciples around the globe is what this year’s conference is about.
Join us these four nights to hear about all God is doing with the many missionaries and ministries that our church supports. Be praying that by the leading of his Spirit, and with the power and truth of his Word, this conference would propel us into 2024 on a trajectory that will have a most effective impact for the Kingdom of God and his glory.

Tom Brockmeyer, Missions Pastor

GO Conference Schedule

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Brian & Mindy Clark

About:  Brian & Mindy were missionaries to London, recently returned to The States. Their current focus and mission is to establish a light that will shine and continue teaching and mentoring in evangelism.


Ramiro & Eugenia Claros

About: Ramiro was born into a Pastor’s family in 1978, during civil war in El Salvador. He gave his life to Christ at the age of 6 and was baptized at 12. He started serving the Lord when he was 13 years old as a teacher in children’s ministry. Ramiro started preaching occasionally in the youth ministry at 16 years old and became a youth pastor at 18. At 21, he started preaching one of the services at his father’s church every Sunday and was ordained to pastoral ministry at 27. He and his wife Eugenia de Claros were married a year later, and planted a church in the mountains of Morazán El Salvador the same year. They served the Lord there for over 12 years, and had 3 children.  They moved to San Miguel in 2018 and are currently planting a church there.

” I am planning to serve Lord to the day he call me home or He return for His precious Church.”


Scott & Gloria Brown


Scott was born in 1972 in Monterrey, Mexico where his parents are missionaries. He’s a 3rd Generation Missionary & Church Planter. Married to Gloria in 1993, they have two boys and a girl, William (26), Erik (23), and Jennifer (17). William and Erik are married and starting their own families, with the calling to become 4th Generation Cross-Cultural Ministers.

Scott was saved on January 11th, 1977, while his family was living in Akron, OH. At age 11, during a Sunday school class that his mother was teaching in Norway, Scott gave his life totally to God. After playing a missionary in a Drama Play in a Church in Pompano Beach, FL, Scott felt called to be a missionary at the age of 14.

Scott was ordained in 1997 in the Monterrey Baptist Church (his father’s church) and was sent from this ministry to pastor the Acapulco Baptist Church, where he served 9 years and left a totally indigenous church that has since then given birth to 7 other daughter churches, including one in Panama. Scott & Gloria then went to Chalco and served 11 yrs, where they left an indigenous church that has also given birth to another 4 daughter churches.

Scott & Gloria were BBFI-approved missionaries in 1999 and are currently pastoring 2 churches in Mexico City — one in Spanish and one in English.

Missionary Updates

Cody Walker – Argentina
Doug Howey – Romania
Jaaz Cofer – Mongolia
Gary Phillips – MANNA Worldwide – Zambia
David Thompson – Chile
Onesmus Kibera – Kenya
Chad Brockmeyer – Serbia

Ministry Highlights

Rich Huber – LFBI

Myles Cheadle – Friends of Internationals – International ministry

Dallas Lauderdale – DirectionUp Basketball

Bill Alexson – SportsPower

“If there be any one point in which the Christian church ought to keep its fervor at a
white heat, it is concerning missions. If there be anything about which we cannot tolerate lukewarmness, it is in the matter of sending the gospel to a dying world.”

– Charles Spurgeon

How Will You GO?

A lot of churches have a missions conference that is a conference “about missions.” What we are having is a conference “with missionaries.” We want you to rub elbows with the men and women on the field. We want to put them in front of your kids, so that our children get to see someone called, sent, and sold-out to the mission, living the book of Acts in front of them.

  • Why is it worth it to have your kids here on a school night? Because we will emphasize to your children, “God exists” – even in the world you are learning about in school (Hungary, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Serbia).
  • This is how to stay out of the Laodicean stream (Rev 3:14-17), and keep from falling into the lukewarm flow.

Let’s not just talk about missions, or have “missions speakers.” Let’s meet, mingle and listen to missionaries for four nights, and serve the gospel to a dying world together!

Pastor Alan Shelby

Prayer Support Groups

Committing to pray for our missionaries is one of the most impactful ways to support them, and a way that you can be involved in what God is doing, both across our nation and across the globe.


Mission Central

We have a mission of “every-member ministry.” There is no greater time than now to draw your family into missions and ministry with you. These are the very circumstances that create just what we need to reach our society.

Join our Mission Central team to engage every member of Harvest in the mission of the Great Commission on any level.

Let us equip you to build on-ramps in missions, through evangelism, trip training, church planting, and planning all the various aspects of our members’ involvement in the mission right here, from here to Judea, Judea to Samaria, and among the least reached at the uttermost.

Mission Trips

You do not need to worry about your ability, God is only looking for your availability. Our Mission Central Team will be sure you are equipped with all the necessary training and tools to make each trip work for your good and God’s glory.

Will you “Come and See” what God is doing with our missionaries around the globe? 

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