How to retrieve your giving statement

1. Log into your MyHBC profile. You can reach the login page by either navigating through the HBC website ( or copy and paste this link into your browser … If you’ve forgotten your username and/or password, contact the church office.
2. On the left side under “Menu” click on the option “$ Give” then click “SCHEDULES/HISTORY” at the top.  This will bring up your current giving records. At the right of this screen click on the button labeled “Giving Statement.” This will bring up a “Giving Statements” window which will allow you to set parameters for printing your statement.  
3. The first parameter you need to specify is the “Type.” Your options are “Family” or “Individual” which can be chosen by clicking the down triangle on the right of the box. You will most likely choose “Family” which will list donations from all members (e.g. spouse) in your family profile. If you prefer to print “Individual” statements due to your tax filing preferences, you will need to log into each individual profile for which you want statements.
4. Next you will need to specify a “Date Range.” This is most easily done by clicking the down triangle to the right of “Quick Date Range…” There will be several options but the best one will be “Last Year.” This will give you all transactions from 2020 only.
5. The final selection you can make is to choose if you want “Both Deductible & Non-Deductible” or just one of these types. If you choose both, your report will also show transactions which cannot be deducted for tax purposes. But it will show this as a separate total on the report. If you prefer they not show, select “Deductible Only.” Please disregard the “Include Pledge Information” option.
6. You are now ready to click the box labeled “Run Report.” This will run your report and bring it up in your browser. From there you can print or save the report according to your browser’s protocol. You may now click the back button on your browser to return to your profile, then click on your name (upper right) and choose “Logout.” You may also simply close out your browser.
If at any time you need help or feel you would like for the church office to print and mail a statement to you, please simply call the church office at 816-224-9113. We will be glad to walk you through the process or mail you a printed copy.
Thank you so much for your faithful stewardship,
Shawn Kitley
HBC Business Manager