David & Lynne Champlin – Suriname

Second Generation Missionaries to Suriname

David, his parents and siblings have ministered in Suriname since June 1965. David & Lynne have ministered together in Suriname since they married in 1975.
Their ministry strives to give the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the many lost souls who are dying without Christ or a hope of heaven. Currently, they reside in Paramaribo, the capitol city of Suriname.
Lynne does literacy work, holds children’s Bible clubs & Bible studies to literate students, translates and prepares Bible story lessons including writing and hand-illustrating each lesson. She has translated and illustrated the Building on Firm Foundations series into the Saranatongo language. Many of the materials she has prepared are in use by other ministries within Suriname. She continues to prepare teaching and training materials when not involved with other ministry needs.
Dave is the field administrator which means he wears a variety of hats – not only as a preacher, teacher and evangelist but also a mechanic, welder, plumber, electrician, medic and general jack of all trades. He supports the work of those in the jungle ministry. He preaches in several churches each month as part of their effort to support the local believers who now lead in the day-to-day ministry efforts in their respective areas. Much of his time is spent supporting, counseling and visiting those in leadership.
We would encourage you to pray for the Aukan tribe’s people. Pray that many will come to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for wisdom and guidance in directing the many individuals who have been under our influence to a closer walk with Christ. This is especially needed for the many young mothers and fathers. Now the Christians are responsible for their own church services and outreach along the river.
Prayer requests are for Bible classes, evangelism, children to behave in Saturday Bible club, Lynne’s flashcard lesson preparation, David’s sermon preparation, and for pastors Robin, Winston, Steve, and Tony.
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