Brian & Mindy Clark, England

"London is where the world lives."

We launched Crossroads Baptist on July 1, 2007. We started with just Mindy and I on our couch in our living room, and praise the Lord, today we have a self-governing, self-supporting, self-propagating church where there wasn’t one before.
The churches we plant will all be planted with the same mission: to share the gospel, make disciples and plant more churches. We also want to help churches that are struggling.

We have way too many churches closing in London. We supply preaching hoping to help them thrive as gospel-centered, disciple-making churches.

The vast majority of our work is done on the street. Twice a week we go out onto the high street (main street) and share the gospel with individuals. But, we are not just throwing seeds to the wind. God has shown us how to make contact with people on the street and turn that initial conversation into several one-on-one meetings where we can open the Bible and lay out a full presentation of the gospel. God has opened a door for us to endless contact with lost people, and I love it. There is nothing we do that brings me more joy.
Then we take those we reach, and we teach them to do the same. We disciple people to be fishers of men. We do this at our Sunday gathering as well as our mid-week bible studies. But, the heart of discipleship happens one-on-one.

Clark family smiling together