Bob Weston – Jamaica

Bob Weston was born to Christian parents in Kingston, Jamaica, where he spent his childhood. While a teenager his family migrated to the United States and settled in New York City (NYC). After completing four years active duty in the US Air Force, he returned to NYC where he pursued a career in show business as a night club singer.
In the midst of his quest for fame and fortune, the Lord saved and transformed his life. He no longer desired to pursue a career in show business and found himself driving a taxi cab in NYC for the next 14 years. Eight of those years he purposed to witness to every passenger he transported. God used his cab ministry to prepare him for ministry as a missionary to the Jamaican people, where he has been serving for 20 years.
Along with a team of faithful believers, his ministry involves a weekly outreach to a local hospital, two infirmaries and two nursing homes. They also distribute Bibles, tracts, food (weekly meals on wheels ministry) and clothing. Bob has a heart for reaching the lost for Christ. 
Please pray for opportunities for this ministry to win souls for eternity.