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What is MyHBC?

MyHBC is a new tool we are using at Harvest. We are asking every member of Harvest to sign up for an account. Click here to sign up now.
After you sign up, our MyHBC team will confirm your membership and you will receive an e-mail with additional information on how you can complete your registration.

Why should I sign up?

After we have our leaders and members sign up, you will begin to see the benefits of this new resource.
Are you on a ministry team? Your leaders can communicate with you better.
Can’t place a face with a name? All confirmed members will be able to access our online church directory.
Want to know what events are coming up? Our church calendar is available for you to check at any time.
Other perks? Eventually, this is the way you’ll be able to immediately access your giving records, sign up for events, check in your children for class and more!

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Will my information be secure?

You have complete control of your information. Our church staff will be able to contact you through the information you provide in your profile. Outside of staff, you control whether other church members have the ability to see your profile.