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November 2017

8. Heaven’s Heroes: Jesus Says Heroes Love


7. Heaven’s Heroes: Jesus Says Heroes Love


October 2017

6. Heaven’s Heroes: Jesus Shows Heroes How to Act

5. Heaven’s Heroes: Super Man: God Unconfined Disguised

4. Heaven’s Heroes: Spider Man: A Battle To Wage And A Fight To Engage

September 2017

3. Heaven’s Heroes: Iron Man: Making Us More Than Conquerors

2. Heaven’s Heroes: Captain America: Profiles in Valor

1. Heaven’s Heroes: Becoming Mighty People of Valor

December 2017

Theology & Dispensations, Week 12

Theology & Dispensations, Week 11


November 2017

Theology and Dispensations: Week 10


Theology & Dispensations: Week 9


Theology & Dispensations: Week 8

Theology and Dispensations: Week 7

October 2017

Theology & Dispensations: Week 6

Theology and Dispensations: Lesson 5

Theology and Dispensations: Lesson 4

September 2017

Theology and Dispensations: Lesson 3


Sermon Archive

April 2018

Unity: The Ugliness of Division – Message Five

Bible Character Mapping with Pastor Alan Shelby

Unity: How To Live In The Power Of An Un-grieved Holy Ghost – Message Four


Bible Verse Mapping Part 2

Marriage Conference: After I Do Follow Up

Special Event with Mark Trotter

After I Do: Session 4

After I Do: Session 3

After I Do: Session 2

After I Do: Session 1